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It can be difficult to keep up with the latest updates on Windows. There are major releases that come out every year, and minor ones as well. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what they’re called! In this article, we will discuss exactly what a major release is and why it’s important for you to know about them so that your PC stays updated and secure. Major release: a major update that is bigger and more significant than other updates.

It can contain new features, updated or changed content, themes etcetera. These are usually met with excitement by the consumer as it means they have something to look forward to.

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Minor release: this refers to smaller releases of software which may include security patches for vulnerabilities found in previous versions of Windows. Minor releases don’t introduce any revolutionary changes but rather provide improvements on existing products so you should apply them straight away if you want your PC up-to date and running smoothly. Additional information about Major Releases: __ __ Etcetera: What do we need now? __ .


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