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Once upon a time, there was man. This man had a dream. He wanted to be the best at what he did and nobody could stop him from achieving that goal. Even when faced with adversity, this man would not give up on his dream because it meant everything to him.

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And so our story begins.

This man grew up in a small town, with parents who were very supportive of his dreams. His father was always teaching him how to be the best at everything he did and his mother would take him on adventures all around their home state.

As this man got older, he would go out into the world more often to try new things that interested him such as wrestling, football and baseball; but it was clear what sport called to this young boy when he saw some people playing basketball for the first time-he fell in love with the game immediately.

This passion never left him even after being told by others that there wasn’t much opportunity or success in sports other than professional football or baseball. He knew one day if given an opportunity he would


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