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A well-oiled machine is a term that describes something that functions smoothly, without any issues. A good example of this would be a company where upper management and the employees below them are able to coordinate their work so everything gets done in an efficient manner.

This is something that a good manager does on a daily basis. A well-oiled machine is not just simply an expression; it also represents the activity of being in charge of those who are operating and working to get things done, such as managing employees and creating systems.

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When you have employees with different skill sets – maybe one person might be more technologically inclined than another or someone has extensive experience in marketing but they lack management skills then it becomes necessary for managers to oversee this operation so everything runs smoothly.

This way everyone will have their specific talents utilized while still having some level of oversight from the highest levels possible. A Manager Who Coordinates the Activities of Running Employees Is a Well-Oiled Machine: continued writing.


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