christmas, christmas background, bokeh @ Pixabay

I am glad to announce that I’m adding photography services to my blog. It’s been an amazing journey from comments and emails, blog promotion, customer support, and now a new client base! This business has been nothing but a dream of mine for the past two years. Throughout the process, I have learned things about photography, editing, and creating images just as much as anything else. Today you’ll find myself in front of a camera now and then, capturing moments that are so surreal they’ll make you wish there was some sort of storytelling behind it all.

Her first book is all about the process of taking images. What types of images can be taken to capture your life; how do you like to look at these images? This is a book full of inspiration and tips, helping you take amazing photos that will speak to you in a way that will have you smiling from ear to ear. This is the secret behind beautiful pictures that make us smile and live a life filled with happiness.


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