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alexi hubbell photography is a team that produces, supports, and distributes digital and high-quality imagery for the retail and entertainment industries. The team is led by director/founder of alexi hubbell photography, which was launched to support the growth of alexi’s photography business. Using their proprietary Solatronic technology, their world-class custom lenses and their deep expertise in custom imaging, they have built the single-largest business in the industry. A key component of this vision is developing products which will support Instagram’s “showcase” concept by providing a platform for premium photographers in addition to capturing beautiful images on set for worldwide clients.

Amanda’s been working on her first book for more than five years now. She wanted it to be about something that mattered, and she was satisfied with the result. She wanted to share what she had learned from her life experience and create a story that has the potential to change how people view photography and photographers in general.


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