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Take a moment and think about why you’re reading this blog. You may want to change your relationship with the one you love, or perhaps the one you date. You may be looking for a new partner who can express your feelings in a way that’s honest, raw, and genuine. If this is the case, then it’s time to start blogging about it.

I’ve been following the work of renowned photographer Rauf Hakimi for many years. In this video I share my recent visit to his studio and my thoughts on what he’s accomplished thus far. I think his work is quite beautiful, and I do hope that one day, his new book will be published.

I am now fully aware of why my old camera was simply a waste of money. I can now style my hair differently, wear different shoes and even wear a different cell phone carrier on occasion. I know the name, I know which company the manufacturer is best with and which apps they offer more than I can count (even my iPhone has an app).

If you’re one of those people who love to get their photo taken, then look no further. In a similar way to subtle photography, altered ego photography is the art of shooting an illusion by taking a photograph with your eyes closed. A photographer can take a photo of the world through his or her emotions and creativity, but the overall result has a unique fascination that can only be captured in altered ego photography.

The epitome of professional photography, altered ego photography offers an exclusive line of profession-specific lenses for the professional among us. The lenses are designed to be custom-made for each customer and feature all the features that traditional sports photographers need to capture those elusive moments of glory.

A man on the internet has created a project that is changing the world forever. On Slashdot , a user named Anton said this about his new project: “Our first version of the site was going to be some sort of magic-mashup between MySpace and YouTube. So we were looking for a photographer who would magically transform himself into someone very photoshopped in an Amiga or Commodore 64. And so I put together an interface that turned me into a superimposed computer character or something.

See what’s going on in the brain with different types of people. Suddenly, you may notice that you are being much more self-aware, smarter, and perhaps more neurotic than you ever thought possible. That is because our brains are so big and involved that it really can’t help us all. And, when you look at different people and their brains, they become pretty clear: they are all an altered ego. Also known as brainwashed, neurotics are a little bit more obsessed with the stuff we need to get through our daily lives: things like school, work, and relationships. And this obsession for the stuff we need to get through life is absolutely baffling to those who aren’t neurotics.

Paper and plastic fibers are the main components of a paper or plastic, but how do you protect your body from the debris that’s constantly falling on it? In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to protect yourself from these pesky particles.


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