alternative light

why would anyone want to take pictures of themselves in a dark room? Well, it’s not exactly a hidden camera… If you use your smartphone, you can take pictures with no light at all. This is especially helpful when running errands or going on long walks. Step up to the plate and take some of the darkness out of your life by using this app to make your own lights.

Alternate light photography is a relatively new trend to the photography world. It allows users to take photos of themselves in dark or semi-dark situations while they use light sources such as candles, or other artificial lighting. It’s very effective when it comes to lighting yourself up and to get that perfect photo of your closeup. The problem is that there’s no way to create artificial light sources with natural body chemistry and sight.

The internet is a wonderful & valuable place to look for news, but it’s also an excellent place to find unsavory approaches to light photography. In this week’s blog, we cover an alternative approach to how photos are shot with automated lighting. Whichever direction you want to photograph, the lighting you choose will dictate how the image is recorded for your camera. Choose from cool ambient or strobe lighting or harsh and artificial with the right subjects and lighting combination.

Back at college, I had one professor who told us to get a dark room and never bothered with light photography. He thought that light photography was just another cheap device to take pictures of objects in the dark. Instead of getting rid of the light, he got some really good lighting so we could capture the images we wanted.

I love to see photos made with the right light. Many times this is the problem with flash photography and most of us use it to shoot images that are simply too bright. But what if my subject was a little dimmer? Would I really be able to capture that dark mood of the story or would my light quality jittery me out of synchronization or else? Welcome to the world of alternative light photography, where you can take any scene and manipulate it in any way you need.


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