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We love this singer. She’s a huge music fan and has dedicated her life to recording vocal performances. For example, she’s won six Grammys and was nominated for several more. Amy is proud of her relationships, her family, how she chooses to marry her husband, and how she approaches things like holidays and birthdays. She’s proud of herself through an incredible collection that combines all the best features from so many other artists. She will always be known as the “amazing” singer who still makes the music that she did when she was young.

My name is Amy. I have an art degree, and I’ve been a photographer since I was 13. I started with my first one on the zine and then moved to portraits, which lead me to capturing my own personal art. For years I also turned to prints and pastels, but now find myself more drawn to digital photography than taking images in person or even on film. Knowing how my work can influence others is a huge part of who I am. You see, most people think that if you go out shooting you can achieve your own artistic vision, but in reality you are only as good as the images you take of people and places around your house.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching shot of yourself, here is your answer. Amy Winehouse is now famous for the song “Back To Black”. And since the song was released in 2012, Amy’s been strutting her stuff through the camera lenses. That’s why she had to come up with a way to mod her photos. I say “mod” because while she’s been changing her look over the years, she still retains some of the same style and personality. The result? Breathtaking photography showcasing almost every hair on her head. It’s like an Alice In Wonderland where everything is to your own liking.

Amy Winehouse is famous because of her iconic music videos. There are so many videos out there and not just from Amy, she’s featured in every single one of them. This slideshow was created by the photo sharing website tumblr with the purpose of showcasing some of Amy’s favorite photos that she has taken throughout her career. It explores some of the most memorable moments and moments where finding out about her music can change your life forever.

I love my camera!! I use it to capture what’s going on around me, or post my favorite images. But today, I want to celebrate the joy photography has given me. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot with a few of my favorite photographers over the years, and now I’m sharing some of those memories with you. Today is one of those happy stories: Amy Winehouse. Amy was born in London and raised in America. She had a tumultuous childhood that brought her into this world with a lot of trauma and anxiety. When she was very young, her parents left her on her own when they moved away from home.


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