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If you’re looking for really great photographer, look no further. Angel eyes is a photography company that produces hardcore, high-quality portraits of the most beautiful people in the world. Their pictures are dark and twisted, but not too dark to be vampiric. Their inspiration is from the horror movies of yesteryear which were full of mad monsters and ancient evils. They also use the paranormal in their photos, like the girl who fell into a sinkhole during Halloween and died after falling into a river. It’s definitely an interesting company to watch.

This is not a photography blog. I am a photographer, and have been for a while. I am no longer an online photo blogger. But I do have a lot of great photographs that I use on my blog, and the more photos I post the more guest blogging opportunities I’ll have. The setting up of my blog is similar to other bloggers, so this will be a weekly column with some great posts as well as some information about what’s going on and why it would be great if you joined.

Did you know that every person in this world has an angel eyes? The number of people with these eyes is simply astonishing. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are 2.05 billion people around the world with this eye. That’s a number that would make any human face instantly recognizable and perfectly fine from a distance. So, who am I to tell you all the best features of my face? Not me, but just about everyone else out there! Welcome to my angel eyes photography channel! My hope is that you will find this as fascinating as I do – it’s just one of those things that happens every time.


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