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One thing I live without is the best way to capture the essence of any person, place, or thing. When we get married and start trying to plan our lives around the little details that make up a person’s personality, what happens is often ruined by a few side-effects. Sometimes where we are tempted to laugh at her or think she’s not really worth the trouble, we let excitement set in instead of knowing what made her tick and why.

The best blog on camera, photography, and camera gear. You can find some great content here over the last several years. I’ve been on this blog for quite a while and always felt like I’d see new things, so when someone asked me where I liked to get my photo stuff, I started writing it up. A while back I created a new photo shop where all of my stuff was sold. It was really nice to finally be able to buy what needed to be bought, but it was more than that.

If you weren’t able to find a cheap camera to shoot your family portraits, you can always buy quality gear. If your family is a lot smaller then it’s easy to find all the accessories and mounts you’ll need. This guide will show you how to purchase everything you’ll need to start doing a better job of photographing your family members.


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