Most of the women who have ballet have had their childhood ballet lessons. Now that they’ve developed the “skarface” look, will you help them realize how much better they are than the other ladies on stage? Join us as we explore the ways ballet can change your life and wonder why it’s so popular today.

Now there’s a photo-journalist to truly become a fashion icon. MellowSINGLE is a photographer, social media expert and #ThingsToDo in the Fashion/Style industry. She will create photo shoots for the few luxury brands out there that can afford the luxury of sending out photographers who are equipped with a camera. The agency will use these photos as criteria for choosing new clients to collaborate with or have an event or product launch, or even for executing on whatever work she has done before and changing it up.

I really wanted to learn ballet but my parents promised I’ll never see it. But two years later, they were wrong. I’m in love with ballet and want to take up the art form. Blogging is one of the best ways to spread the word about ballet because everyone is looking for a way to see it in a new way.


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