bear climbing

Have you ever had a bear climbing your window? Bear butts are very popular in America, and even though it is illegal to photograph bears, you can still get some great photos thanks to bearsden photography. Bear butts have become a trend in photography over the last few years, and the Bear Den Defense League has lent their support to this growing trend. Even if you’re not interested in bears but want to photograph them anyway, this photo series is a great way to practice your bear photography skills.

I am all about bears! I love animals, and I definitely read a lot about them. So, I’ve been photographing bears for over 20 years.I’m so excited to share with you my newest collection of photographs focused on this darling critter. Whether that be a bear jumping out of a tree or climbing up a rock wall, I love to capture unique moments in nature. As the saying goes, “If you can’t see the point, then you’re nothing.

I discovered my dad’s camera at a charity event and I couldn’t quite make myself take it home. I tried to have a go at taking pictures and was totally overwhelmed. I decided to start on the project as a hobby, since I was never going to be able to afford it (a grower only gets one shot at life). This took me several months of zombie-like boredom before the camera found its way into my hands. It is an amazing piece of equipment. The ability to capture 1080p video in 4k enables you to be able to store this footage in your phone or computer for future viewing purposes.

After years of searching, bearsden photography has officially landed. We are now the first online photography studio in the world to offer a high-quality service, design work and photography retail outlet. Since we started up in 2009, we have grown to 17 locations across the US and Canada. But we want to bring you an even bigger team of photographers who specialize in taking images that are memorable, fun and create a fun environment for photographers.


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