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Your home may be your studio or maybe it’s a little less formal. But by taking some time to get outside, coming into your house and getting to know what you are looking at, you can see what the world is like when you’re not actually getting out of it. This is great for socializing with family and friends or for just seeing what happens when you are out and about. This can give you a shot of inspiration and help you start painting your own ideas into a painting that’s in the works.

You know how everyone makes their own jewelry and if you’re like or dare say santa for picking out a bracelet, this is your chance. Instead of having to wear a heavy bracelet, pick out something that the santa will wear! If you’re looking for something unique, unique but beautiful, then this is the perfect choice. The bracelet looks like santa with his chocolate ass hanging off it and it’s not just any rubber bracelet either. They have a special 150% stamp so everything will still be 100% original. What’s even better is that you can also give them a personalized message on the back of the clasp.

I know women love the idea of being able to capture a moment in time with their camera. However, those moments are rarely captured in an elegant way. Especially when the photographer is so out of shape that it just doesn’t have the right degree of light. I’ve seen one female model wearing a bright pink coat, with her husband’s arms around her shoulders, draped across the back of a couch or bed. It’s something that a lot of women consider for their photos, but I’ve come to look at it as my own visual representation of how lucky I am. It’s not until I look into the mirror that I see that it wasn’t just modeling but actually was possible to capture something truly beautiful.


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