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Having been a boxer myself since I was 14, I’m sure if someone asked me to tell you my opinion on boxing shoes and what they might do for your foot, I would say that shoes are the most important accessory for a boxer. But for most people, it is much more complicated because many of the boxing shoes you see in the athletic stores today were designed by those who are no longer active in order to make training a lot easier. Man-made equipment can not only be harmful to their health but also to their feet. Boxing shoes are made from smooth rubber and leather which are then infused with oils and water, making them feel soft and comfortable as well as appealing to the eye.

In the boxing ring, it’s very common to see people take photos of themselves while they’re fighting. I know a lot of people like that, right? Well, now you can do the same! When you enter your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you will be able to follow people who fight or are fighting and countdown the time until their fight starts. The time will then expire and you will have this moment in your life where you can’t keep up with the number of photos that have been taken. You will also be able to check out their Instagram profile and see the updates they have made in the last few hours.

I’m a boxing enthusiast. But I’m also a photographer, so I’ve been going through the camera-less camera-less albums looking for those great shots that don’t require film. So when I saw this interesting idea of boxing photography, I knew it was right up my alley. These five photographers take their photographs straight to the boxers, or rather the balding guys they want to show off to the world. The best part is they send you an email with a link to their Instagram account with any photos they’ve taken, which they’ve shared with a few followers. It’s crazy how easy it is to get a new Instagram account on Facebook by just sharing your “code” or picture on Instagram and linking it in your post.


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