cake smash

Cake smash photography is about to change the way we take or share photos in a way that we can’t do now. You see, when you take a photograph, it’s actually taking one of these three images. The first is the image on your phone or tablet. The second image goes into your computer and is sent to the photographer, who then processes them through an app like Instagram or WhatsApp. And finally, the third image goes into your camera roll and is sent directly to the photographer’s computer, which processes it through a camera-specific software called Cropzilla. So basically, if you take a photo with a phone, it will be emailed to the photographer who will barrel roll it for you because it’s one of their main apps.

We are a large, multi-million strong cake smash photography business. We create high quality photos and videos that capture the beauty of our customers’ lives with cake smash photography. Cake smash photography has been a dream of ours for over fifteen years now, and we recently became a part of Poundland UK’s “100% Free” program, which means that each photo you upload receives full Fiverty credit from their online store. Cake smash photography has been approved by Poundland UK as a “blurb” within their 25 x 30 min event as well as being featured in the latest video on YouTube.


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