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cake smashing photography is a simple and fun way to bring a slice of cake into your shot. Allows you to photograph very sharp looking (and delicious) photography images. Pretty cool right? Well, what can we say about people who are not very nice? Well–now you can take cake smashing photos. By smashing up a cake, it reduces the number of calories in the cake to make it more palatable for your audience. Then, countless people eat the cake with the help of their friends without even realizing that they could be eating more calories than they’d intended. Cake shattering is much easier than most people realize.

As a cake-crasher I am known for smashing cakes. In this blog you will see one of my favorite things: cake-crash photography. I have been watching the “Baking and Cake” Channel, I saw the video of the bride making her wedding cake, then next thing I knew I heard someone say “Oh crap, so someone else is about to try to make a cake.” So then I tried it because why not? A few hours later and my credit card was completely cleared.


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