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Has anyone tried cal photography? In this blog post, I will tell you how to make your own cal photography kit. There are a few different approaches you can use to start making your own kit, but they all involve spending a decent amount of time on the internet, downloading new and useful software, and creating files that are emailed out to people who’ll be using the kit. I hope this post will help you start building your own kit with a bunch of materials that you don’t have right now.

I was a teen age freshman in college when I discovered a photography trend that might affect my future: digital photography. With the Internet and social media, I had a lot of new friends, and some old ones as well. As time went by, I became more interested in just how the images they projected could be manipulated through artistic techniques such as collage, or manipulation. Is the image truly real or is it just a bunch of random pixels on a screen? I decided to start talking to photographers about their experiments with different techniques and tried to use them in my own work.


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