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As promised back on Jan. 15th, 2017, I updated the blog. I added a new section on my new blog, titled “blog updates”. I’m still learning the ropes, and feel the need to keep it updated regularly.

I’m excited to be a part of the new blog, and I hope to provide the same type of content that I have been providing via twitter. I do apologize if the content is not as frequent, but I also know that as a small business owner, I have a lot of other things to be doing. I’m looking forward to getting back to sharing some of my experiences and opinions on marketing, and hope you enjoy my content.

While I appreciate the opportunity to get my two cents in on marketing, I am sorry that the blog isn’t a daily thing. I do love the idea, and I know that there are many others who feel the same. But I do think blogging is a great way to share information quickly, and I hope to continue as a regular feature, as well as providing my thoughts and opinions on marketing.

I’m happy to see that the content I’ve put into the blog has been helpful and beneficial to some, and I look forward to bringing you that content. I’ll be doing a monthly wrap-up post this November to share my thoughts on marketing.

The resort marketing group, one of the biggest names in resort marketing, is going to be a big topic of discussion at this year’s conference (it’s coming after the convention). As part of a few of the sessions, I will be talking about the need to get more involved in resort marketing, and how that can help shape your brand. The marketing group members will be discussing what they think of the conference, the need for a resort marketing program, and the benefits of marketing to resorts.

Many resorts are using marketing strategies that don’t include the actual marketing of their properties. In other words, they are using marketing to help people to visit the resort and then they are doing all of the work of marketing themselves. As a result, many resorts have no marketing budget, or they are doing very little marketing.

In response to this, the resort marketing group at Charvat Resort, has decided to create a resort marketing program. This program would be a joint effort between the resort and the resort marketing group, and it would have the two parties working together, in a structured manner. For the website, the resort marketing group will be creating their marketing website, and for Charvat, the resort marketing group will be creating their marketing video.

The marketing video will be an exclusive, full-length video of the resort marketing group. This video will not be published on their website, and will be made available only to customers of the website. The marketing video will be edited for length and color, and will feature interviews with each resort marketing group member, and will include footage from each resort marketing group’s sales conference.

This will be a good way to introduce the marketing video to readers and to promote their group. While the marketing video will be exclusive to customers, it will also be available to those who purchase the resort’s product directly through the resort website.

While you’ll likely see these marketing groups throughout the entire resort, they are distinct, and thus there’s no connection between them. This will be a good way to introduce them to readers.


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