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I was tired of finding a new beginner photographer every week. I was tired of going to other photographers with trails, but this new photography brand has replaced those trails with their own. This is a brand that’s been in business for about 7 years now and has already changed the industry. They do all their own things. Neilsen, for example, creates all their own lenses and prints them and completes their project on time. This brand recently has several wraps under its belt so consider yourself lucky if you have one of these before it’s time to sell it out.

If you are interested in getting some christian photography done, you have come to the right place. This is not just for church shoots, but also for any kind of photography adventure. These are real photographers living in the city or in a small town. They live and work in a unique style of photography that inspires and inspires… That’s right, this is not your average photographer. Come along and get inspired by these photographers as they take step-by-step pictures as they walk through life.


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