christmas love tumblr

The Christmas love tumblr photography is about a guy and woman who are forced to exist together for the holidays. This is the first instagram photo that they post together. This is all from the perspective of the guy and girl’s perspective, so if you don’t know how to read it, I will explain it for you. Your username will have a tiny emoticon attached to it. The person on camera will have their face covered up even though they say they are not. It’s not really an instagram photo, but this one makes me laugh every time.

We’ve all loved the holidays around here. From blankets, candles, and pine wreaths, we could go on year after year. But we have a new favorite: tumblrlove. Founded by Tumblr user christmasjane and her sister christmas, this site is dedicated to giving our tumblr-loving friends pictures of the day’s events with a special spirit of kindness. One thing is for sure: love doesn’t have to be cold or dark or easy to care for in winter. It can be warm and full of laughter, joy, cheer and love. And there is no better way to share happy days than by shooting in the most beautiful location you can think of — the sunlight.

I love Christmas photos. In fact I was so into them I just couldn’t restrain myself. When I got my iPhone 6 in the mail, I immediately started to take pictures of all the decorations on my walls. Before long, I was taken off my guard, and those Christmas-themed photos are about to make an appearance on Tumblrs. When you see a photo similar to mine, it’s because my friends and family have been sharing it with each other and everyone is looking forward to seeing what they’ve created.


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