christmas, christmas background, bokeh @ Pixabay

one word that rings true around the world–Colored Light Photography. It’s a beautiful, unique way to photograph light, clouds, or even anything that is reflective. The colors of photography are generally black and white unless there’s some color in it. We are all familiar with black and white photographs where the background is black and the subjects are white. But not every photograph can be this simple — colors have an expression in them that tells a story about the subject matter as well as its environment. So stop what you’re doing and create this amazing work of art! If you’ve got no idea how to get started, try using Google Images where they have a tutorial of their own to help you out step by step.

We all love to photograph, but don’t you dare set your camera on the TV. We’re about to change all that with colored light photography. Absolutely beautiful photos of nature or people in motion can be captured with colored light photography.

colored light photography is an idea that was so appealing to me when I was in college that it never stopped to develop into a reality. I guess my jeans must’ve gotten a little old or the weather changed or something. What I wouldn’t give for a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s, who knows. What’s interesting is that the app has so many options and applications that you can customize and use your own flair on it (it’s pretty fun!). It also gives you the opportunity to share your photos with thousands of other people through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, graphics site Pixiv (if you live in Europe or UK), and many more.


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