A true voguish man never completes his outfits without the perfect pocket square. The mens pocket square, also known as ‘Pochette’ is an ornamental accessory for men, which is made with a refined and precious decorative square of fabrics like silk, wool, satin etc. The pocket square is placed in the breast pocket of a blazer or jacket that can quickly enhance any look. Men wear pocket squares at galas, weddings, formal occasions, and professional gatherings to add some style to their look. Here is a guide on the often overlooked pocket squares that will help you spice up your suits. hit line from which you can know to hit the classic and stylish spot, and gain confidence in men’s fashion.

Pocket Squares– When you select a men’s pocket square, the fabric does not matter at all. In the market, there are so many kinds of fabrics to choose from, like silk, linen, cotton, satin and even polyester. Your main focus must be on the patterns, motifs or the contrasting colour of your pocket squares, which would be suited to your outfit. If you are wearing a fine and smooth jacket or tie, your pocket squares must be rough cotton or woollen. And in the case of a textured blazer or tie, your pocket squares must be soft like silk or satin.

  • Silk Pocket Squares- This buttery soft pocket square is crafted from soft pure silk, which is durable, but does not crease. This charmingly finished accessory has a unique combination with a textured blazer or a tie.
  • Cotton Pocket Squares– For clean and crisp perfection, add a touch of sophistication to your breast pocket and pick up the lightweight cotton fabric pocket squares. These have perfectly accurately stitched edges and can be foldable in several ways, which gives you a modern and polished look. 
  • Linen Pocket Squares– An easy pick to uplift your look, is if you choose the lightweight and beautifully stitched edges of linen pocket squares. Fold it according to your moods. 
  • Woollen Pocket Squares– The symbol of a true gentleman is a woollen pocket square in his chest pocket, which is crafted from 100% fine luxe wool and has finely stitched edges. This thin, yet excellent quality fabric never sticks out from your pocket. 
  • Polyester Pocket Squares– For a casual but elegant look, you can choose the soft and thin polyester pocket squares, which never bulge. For a formal occasion, you can fold it neatly. 

Tie Pins Along with a matching tie or bow tie, mens tie pins can make up the royal and classic look of a man. A tie pin is an elegant and classy accessory for men’s attire. At any event or gathering, men prefer tie pins for a unique look. Here are some things to consider before you buy them:

  • Custom Tie Pin– Customize your metal tie pin according to your choice, with your or your loved one’s name or photos. 
  • Handmade Tie PinMens tie pins make excellent gifts. You can purchase them from highly experienced craftsmen, who can create fine detailing in this product. 

You can find your own unique tie pins and pocket squares on platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, and Tata Cliq Luxe.



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