natural imagery

craig gum photography is a high-end photographer, who uses raw and natural imagery in his style. He works at the Camera & Film industry. He produces and distributes large format film of high end quality to the retail and commercial market as well as offers professional photo-journalism services. He’s been featured in national magazines such as Diesel, Out & About, Project Greenlight, and many others. Currently craig is the Photographer of Record for Project Greenlight and the Director of Photography for the latest “Project Snap” show in NYC. In 2008 he won a Gold Industry Award and was nominated for a Bronze Award by IFC Magazine.

craig gum is a photographer who started off as a kid. He loves to capture the beautiful details of his surroundings using his iPhone. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid to be able to capture those beautiful moments in each and every photo he’s taken with his camera. So what happens when I can’t make it outside? Well, my good friends at craig gum photography can make it happen with their trusty iPhone cameras so that I can get some of my shots in the most fun way possible.

craig gum photography is a community driven photojournalism site focused on documenting community events, weddings and more. Everything you see on craig gum photography is created by volunteers and are updated without the use of a computer. The team does not have a reporter nor does the website have anything to say about the topic or subjects discussed in the articles. Instead, we just stick by what we believe is the truth.


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