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I’m not really into the whole artificial intelligence thing. I like to think that I have an innate understanding that there is a difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. While I don’t have a formal education in the field, I do have some ideas about how to use new technology and the best way to use that technology to help people.

If you think that this is a new “technology” company, then you have another problem. As of today, there are actually three major artificial intelligence companies. All three are making their money by selling their technology to the public. This is how companies like Google and Apple make their money. They sell their technology to the public and then they then turn around and sell the public the hardware and software that they have built and sold. They are not making money from selling their technology to the public.

In a way, the technology company is the same with the three major AI companies: if you want to be able to sell your technology to the public, you need to sell it to them first and then turn around and sell them the hardware and software that you have built and sold. It’s not as simple as just making money when you are selling your technology to the public.


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