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Over the past couple of years, I’ve started taking better photos of my dental work. These photos can be used to give a human touch to your work and make it even more professional. With this definitive collection of 672 images, you’ll be given the ability to take photos that offer a look at what your dentist is doing while they’re performing their time-consuming process. With over 5 million images (from teeth straightening and filling only to homecare and cleaning) in this gallery, you’ll find your favorite style of cleanings, bridges or replacing crowns.

You may have a one-per-woman dentist, but you know you want to get your own. What are you going to do about it? How about sending her beautiful photographs of your teeth with a simple post on Facebook or Instagram? Well, that’s what the dental photography community is about! You can send images from your Facebook—or Instagram—profile to any of the thousands of dentists across the world and get the opportunity for free dental work. The time to get started is not too soon. In fact, it should be done well before Christmas.

Whether you’re looking for a professional dentist or just having fun with your friends, here’s your chance to be the best. DAVID’S DRIVE DENTISTRY PHOTOGRAPHY produces high-quality, high-resolution images that are ready for any occasion.

You see, most of us have to take a picture of our teeth to post on social media. However, dentistry is an industry that relies on the use of digital cameras and even more so if you’re looking for your next dental procedure. Do you realize how hard it is to get an acceptable shot of your smile? How do you capture the time-frame and space requirements needed in order to photograph it? HA ha ha! No problem. Maybe it’s just what’s in the bag or maybe you were running late for your appointment.

Getting better in dental school. I wanted to share one of my favorite blog entries. The entry was about the use of a Japanese nameplate that allows you to create a customized photo and profile a dentist, not just a dentist.


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