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We all want to capture images of ourselves and share them with the world. But one problem that has plagued us these days is that we don’t have the ability to capture every moment of our life. Why not take a few minutes to take a picture of yourself every morning and every evening? Thank you photography. It was a problem when I was younger, but it’s starting to solve itself as more people are taking photos of their bodies everyday.

When you first start out in photography, you might think the whole point is to take a picture of yourself. However, this is not always accurate. Take for instance the beautiful photo of you at the coffee shop with your baby that goes viral on social media. If we really want to be part of a movement and make a difference, we need to be able to capture the moments right before our eyes. We all have our own set of images that capture special moments in our lives and if we don’t have time to go back to them and refresh them, they are lost forever. Photography needs us to be able to see something from another perspective which is why we need to create it from scratch from scratch.

don’t blink photography is a tool for photographers to capture their images in a way that will always give them their “wow” factor. Whether you’re posing by the pool, taking pictures of someone’s children, or even if it’s just plain snooping around the neighborhood, come watch as they use this device and don’t blink. The moment they see a light being emitted (or heard), it only holds up for a second before going out again.


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