draw photography

Visualizing the world has never been more popular, and I think it ought to be. Draw photography is all about capturing the essence of your images in a way that and can bring out the best in you. Drawing is a form of visual expression that’s difficult to describe, so I have decided to share my personal experience with drawing for photojournalism. My vision for draw photography was to begin by using what I had been using for years: paper. The quality of my images with paper photo cards is simply amazing, and it helps me capture some of the best imagery around. .

I have been drawn to drawing for a while now and I am fully aware that I have the potential to be one of those few people who can capture the essence of art in a photograph. Here at Draw Photography, we’ll pull out all the stops and try and capture the essence of what you’re looking at by taking a picture with your phone. We aim to make sure every picture we upload is a work of art.


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