When it comes to photography, the world is lacking a very simple way to make pictures. No matter your skill or skill level, there are basically three different ways people can capture images. We’ve all seen people taking a bunch of photos, posting them on social media, or even posting them on their phone when working out. It may be fun but you’re not going to be able to capture whatever it was you were looking for just by snapping a few photos.

The first ever Lush book with a collection of photography of the world. The purpose of this book is to let tourists and traveling visitors know that this beautiful country has been around for millions and millions of years. For example, it would be nice to know how many different different types of forest existed in this area thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands. By taking a picture on the wall with the camera you can see how many different animals exist and how colorful your surroundings are. It should be a fun way to learn about the areas we live in and have fun with a book that will transport you to another time.


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