My last name is actually a combination of the words emerald and bioceuticals, which is pretty impressive. I guess you could say I’ve always had a fascination with the healing properties in nature, and I’ve always been fascinated with herbal remedies. Well, I am also a huge fan of the new generation of natural health products.

Ive been trying to write a really detailed bio about how Ive been a long time. Ive always wanted to get a really good bio for this movie. It would take a couple of months for it to get here and Ive been really interested in how it works. I will also like to get some info on how Ive been able to learn how to heal myself, and get a good bio for what Ive been doing.

Ive been experimenting with herbal medicine for years, and Ive always been fascinated by the idea of the herbs and healing. Ive always had a big interest in natural healing until my sister broke her hip and I nearly lost my mind. Now Ive become a big advocate of natural healing products. Ive even tried several different herbs for my back and Ive found that many of them are just as effective as the pharmaceuticals.


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