I have spent the last year and a half working on yet another project. So far I’ve been developing the look of beauty, the soul of animals, and have even built a few sculptures to take photos with my camera. Now that I have the tools, I get to work on the best shots I can, you know, photography. My aim is to share my results of experiences that are positive and positive results in terms of both people and images; however, as with all things in life there is always a way to deliver something even better than what could possibly be expected. “Isn’t it amazing how things seem to be piling up in this great big world we live in now? It seems like everything is so 2013opinionated;.

One of the sweetest things about photography is that you get to see the camera detail in your photo. Especially when you have an object in the shot that isn’t perfectly surrounded. If it’s not just beautiful. Then it must be worth photographing! The answer is no, it’s not. Incentive: creating a direct link between the image and the viewer is a way to maximize engagement as well as hold onto your readers. When you add text or description to a photo, it will act like a button so they can push up on their phone or tablet and try to see what’s in the picture FIRST.

for my photography class, I got a chance to write a post that’s going to change the way we think of photography forever. I’ve gotten tons of comments on it and requested a classroom version. Basically, one blog post can change the way that you think about your photography and everything you’d normally do in class after you get home.

My name is Michael and I’m the photographer behind many of the photos in this guide. I’m also the creator of The Photo Book by Focus Media and have taught photography classes to various colleges across the nation. In terms of film, I don’t really have a preference, but if you spend a lot of time on Instagram or Facebook, you probably see a lot of great photos that are taken with different lenses than what I use. Because my lenses are so similar to each other (I started out using Canon and later switches to Nikon), one of my goals was to make sure that there are enough different lenses available to get every photo my students want.

Welcome to the world of focus. In the past decade we have moved from the camera and shutter speed to automation in our lives. We now ask for creative thinking, more thought in our images, which mean more content and less about shooting. But there’s a way out of this trap, and it’s all about music.


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