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If you are looking for one way to express yourself, you needn’t look further. Here’s another one of the photographers who is a part of our visual culture. You see, I have a front door that is always open and I’m supposed to wear black pants and with a bow on my head. But how would I ever find this image realistic if there’s no picture of me in front of my home? Luckily, there is one photographer who can take perfect pictures of me in real life. This photographer has overcome all kinds of obstacles by adopting the art of getting people to “see” themselves in pictures.

An awesome one, but what about the front door? Front Door Photography is about to change your life, and you will be an instant fatherhood ambassador. When you enter the front door, the distance from your waist to the ground (or center) will travel a set amount of space before it changes direction.

What would a front door look like if it were glass? Click here to see the possibilities in this blog post.


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