“General Motors has announced that it has acquired the rights to the “General Motors Information Technology” brand for a reported $2.8 billion.

That’s right, we’ve been hearing rumors about Google/General Motors working together to “monetize” the Internet for a long time now. That rumor is finally true, as Google has set up shop in the Detroit area for its own information technology operation. Although I’m not sure how exactly they will monetize the Internet, a few years from now, Google may be using these patents to charge Google users for specific information about its website.

Google is going to be using some of those patents to make sure its website is searchable by a new patent to be described as the “Internet of Everything.” Google is going to create specialized information systems that work together to help search engines like Google and Yahoo! understand how all the various pieces of the Internet work together to make the information on a website more useful and searchable.

General Motors’s patent applications, dated 2012, cover all kinds of information related to cars, such as engine information, sensors, fuel flow, and vehicle-mounted equipment. The technology will be applied to car systems, such as infotainment systems, autonomous driving, and hybrid and electric cars.

There’s a lot of different technologies involved with making the Internet work. The biggest part of that is the technologies that power all the different parts of the Internet. The next biggest part is the networks that make the websites and apps work. The information we come across on the Internet today is composed of the sum of all the technologies that have made the Web work. That’s a lot of work, and we are all responsible for making it better.

The reason why the Internet is so vital to our every day lives is because the Web works best when the technologies that make the Internet work are very reliable and secure. As things stand now, our Internet connection is slow and unstable, and the hardware we use to connect to it is unreliable and not as secure as it could be. To keep up with the latest developments, we need new technologies that will provide better quality of service for our users.

General motors (and many of its suppliers) have been working hard to provide us with the equipment we need to keep the Internet stable. It has been a long process, and we appreciate General Motors for trying to get us to the point where we can get the best equipment for what we need it to do, and it seems like they’re not stopping any time soon. In the mean time, the company is offering a bunch of engineering and development jobs.

We also offer engineering and development positions across our systems and services team. If you know of a position that would be a fun fit for someone with your expertise, drop me a line.

general motors has been a pretty big company for a long time. They started as a maker of cars and trucks back in the early 60s and have since grown into a multi-billion dollar global engineering and engineering services firm with subsidiaries in more than 60 countries. At first glance, it appears they would be a good fit for a team working on our systems and services teams.

We love our teams. They’re our best employees. But we also love seeing opportunities to help grow our engineering team and help us do what we do best. And as you’ll see in our job listings, general motors wants to help us do that.


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