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Your favorite photographer George Kontaxis, has collaborated with numerous companies across the world to help his customers get the best quality images. He’s done it all and now he’s going all in with a new service called “Geo-Stories” where customers can get him shooting photos of their neighborhood, city or even their own homes. For example, they can see what they can see on their front lawn and even where they eat at the local McDonald’s.

At the age of 22, George kontaxis photography wins his first Palm Springs awards and landscapes his first award the highest prize money is given. Now, he has expanded his photographic portfolio with more than 120 awards over the past three decades. George’s work is rich with symbolism and depth that year in and year out. Recently, he won a prestigious international prize to paint a painting of Buddha, an image of him at a historic crossroads or standing in front of a famous landmark such as the Golden Gate Bridge or a World War I monument. George lives in Southern California where he paints images about things that we can relate to.


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