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I find that I am often too caught up in the moment, and that my attention is all on the task at hand. I’m usually working and have to keep up with my work load, which is distracting me from my feelings. I get distracted by the phone, which is distracting me from my time with family, which is distracting me from my work, which is distracting me from my love of the craft I’m doing.

In my opinion, you can’t just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s exhausting to constantly do the same work, and that constantly doing the same work makes you a slave, not a master. It’s time to put your hands on a bigger piece of equipment, and take on a new challenge.

That’s the point, and I’ll give you this graphic about the way humans think about work and the way we think about life: Work is to be done because you’re a slave. Life is to be enjoyed because you are a master.

Yes, I know what it means when a lot of people say, “But I like doing this, I really love it,” but it also means that you do not love your work, and you do not love the work you do, because you are a slave. I love to draw, and I love to write, and I love to make things. My job is to get done. That is my only reason for being. You cannot love your work and yourself at the same time.

This is the same way that we feel about our jobs and our lives. We are told all the time that if we don’t love the work we do then we’re not worthy of being in charge of, or any kind of power. But when we don’t love our work, we do not deserve to be in charge. We are slaves of the work we do. We are slaves of our own desires.

In my case, I am a graphic designer. I am a designer, and I am a slave to my own desires. I am a slave to my own creativity. I am a slave to my own ideas. I am a slave to myself.

This is a sad but true statement. There is a reason why designers are often called “graphic designers”. It’s because of how they are treated in the industry today. We are constantly told that our work is only good if it fits into a specific mold, that creativity and personal expression must be sacrificed in order to achieve a certain aesthetic level.

The whole industry was founded on the premise that good design requires personal expression, and not just good design, but good design in general. This is not necessarily true. This is why design agencies are so good. It’s why all the “designers” are called designers. This is why it’s so important that designers work for themselves. This is why the term “graphic designer” is so overused these days.

No design agency has the power to dictate the aesthetic and/or functionality of a product to the designer. This is why people do design themselves, even if they don’t necessarily like it. Designing a product is an intimate interaction between human beings. It takes a lot of time and effort and is almost always personal. Its very difficult to get anything done in the design process unless you’re willing to spend a lot of time.

It also takes a lot of money because the design process is never finished. A lot of people never make it to the final stage, the design meeting. Its possible that a lot of people get lost in the way they make it.


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