Here we introduce you to a new trend in photography that is right under your nose. You may have heard about Girlie Photography before, but this is a completely different type of photography with a few very notable differences. These phones feature 15% more pixels than their predecessors and the sensor is equipped with an incredible amount of megapixels. Here at Shycamera we have created our own camera processing software called GoCamera, which includes algorithms to enhance images with high dynamic range, high dynamic range streets and cars, as well as low light topics such as street lighting and even shooting in the rain. This technology allows you to take better pictures for your friends and family because we are able to apply these levels of processing directly into the images we produce.

I’ve always been interested in photography and I’ve found this blog to be a nice addition to my collection of photography. I love how your pictures are so detailed and I’m always looking for images that capture the moment like this. This blogger is photography lover and artist, who loves to shoot. She shares beautiful photos of her outfits, feet, hair, face, jewelry and more! If you know what I mean! Google her website so you can check out her work.


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