rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

Lifestyle blogs are a failed industry. I mean come on, how many time do you have to see someone take pictures of themselves and tell them it’s a great photo? No-one has ever taken the time to do the research and try and find out what makes this person such a great photographer so that they can publish their work in an authentic way. This week, I will be sharing my personal opinion on this subject and sharing my own experiences with great danes in order to bring more transparency into the industry.

at the time of this writing there are about 1,000+ photographers, illustrators and designers working in the world of great dane photography. With a total of 20+ studios, there are more than 400 great dane photographers in the world today. Working with The Great Dane Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and traditions of Great Dane photography, we’re proud to present this pristine portfolio of 100 images from the puppy’s life. This gallery is not just a collection of lovely photos, but it is a loving tribute to our grandfathers and grandfathers before him.


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