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Photographer and developer of low contrast photography. High contrast photography aims to achieve high resolution and contrast without the need for additional cropping. What is high contrast then? High contrast photography is a process where multiple exposures are combined to create a composite photo that has very high contrast values and high levels of detail. If taken with an average aperture (a change in aperture) of f/1.4, the low contrast images can be made by a photographer using either manual filter development or automatic filter development.

If you have ever wished that you could take high contrast photos, or even better, you could easily have a photo taken of yourself in a high-contrast print. You might not be able to buy a high-contrast print right now, but there will be a company coming up with an opportunity to change that. High contrast photography is one of the fastest growing fields of photography and this print is one example of how people are rapidly changing the way they see the world around them.


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