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Here at housden photography we are passionate about capturing the perfect photos every time. We love to discover new ways to inspire others and help them go from a nice looking picture to something that’s life changing. At housden photography, we seek out the very best in technology to help us capture your perfect shots. Our accessories for photographers include photographic masking tape, digital wide-angle lenses, digital cameras and more.

Our friends at housden photography have been pushing the boundaries of digital photography for years now! Their cameras are the first to offer a big format sensor capable of capturing up to 4K photos, with 4x optical zoom and an image stabilization system. When you look through their Instagram posts or watch one of their videos, you know what I mean.

In 2009, our family moved to a new house and we had to switch out the cameras for our new big brother. After that we never looked back. We have been taking photos since that day and we still do it today! We finally got around to telling you all about our newest equipment: PhotoAura, a portable battery power system that charges your phone over USB in just one night or in 15 minutes! The only problem is, it takes 8 hours to charge from USB to your phone. Instead of using the charger over USB, we are using an app with Bluetooth built in and can turn the battery on and off via Bluetooth. It does so without the need for an external charger.

High Quality Photos of your own house is something that you will always have a hard time doing with the click-baity camera that is about to hit the shelves. With this new smart camera, things are about to get just a bit more interesting. Housed in a clever, spacious housing unit in Chicago, you can start taking great portraits with this smart camera. Instead of relying on the click-bait nature of click-bait cameras, you can now set this thing up to capture photos for the world to see. This feature alone is worth the investment for those who want to take some amazing photos of their home or any home they would want to decorate and decorate themselves.

See the awesome in your home by taking a look at this well kept family portrait. The quality of the shots is incredible and even better, you can get that if you use your phone to take photos…housden provides you with a free app that can assist you in taking amazing portraits. They’ll help you get a great look at any subject matter without adding any more clutter in the home.

Housden Photography is the new photography destination for family-friendly style, adventure, and culture. Housden Photography showcases New Zealand’s natural environment in a creative, contemporary perspective. Upcoming exhibitions of Housden Photography will include: Grown Up Earth – Powder Kegs and Grain Collection 2013; Wild Water on the Serum Coast 2013; Say Yes to the Coffee Cup 2014; Māori Mess Archaeology 2014; Māori Mess Archaeology (Art Chronicles) 2015; Cool Slang at Hauden Courtyard 2015.

Home photography and videos are a great way to capture important moments in your life and share it with your friends. You can even upload them to social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Whether it’s just hanging out with your friend or going out with the family, you don’t have to wait for everyone on the street to come over to show you what you did.

We all know that photography is about capturing the world around us, but with the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, it’s become impossible to capture just that. But what if we could capture an image with quality no other way?. The quality of a photo is directly proportional to the amount of light it receives from the camera, and the quality of a photo is dependent on its subject. This is where the concept of HDR comes into play. HDR stands for high dynamic range and it basically means capturing a large amount of light in order to have better auto-processing than black & white or pixel-peeled photos. HDR technology allows photographers to capture even more images with amazing clarity and low noise levels.

Housden Photography is an international photography and photojournalism firm based in the UK. They provide editorial and commercial photography services, photography consulting and advice, shooting and publishing, editing as needed for all media types. Their biggest asset is their graphic design skills and their ability to create memorable images with a wide range of subject matter including fashion, food, weddings, sports events and more. I was lucky enough to have them do a couple of photographs for me in conjunction with my job at a music festival which I really enjoyed putting together.

Get the most out of your vacation time by using these house photos that are sooo cute. Just click on the image and you’ll see what I mean! We’ve got these to save as thumbnails so that you can jump around and get a sense of what it looks like from a different angle. If you want more pictures, just click on the picture of your choosing.


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