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Howar Schatzberg Photography is a photography shop which focuses on portraits and corporate events. You may have seen his work in the Makers Festival or your favorite Etsy’s latest sale, but he also does custom works for businesses and organizations all over the US. He offers a portfolio of his, brides’ and couples’ wedding photographs and has been featured on many TV shows like People Magazine, Channel 7’s Morning News, and CBS Evening News. He also recently launched his own personal-sized business called “My Shot Studio” which allows anyone to create custom made photographs from a piece of paper.

Howards is a New York based photographer who has been in the business for over 20 years. Taking lots of pictures of the world and making a name for himself with his photographic work. He has also been featured in magazines like Time, Vogue, and GQ as well as being a member of the New York Times Supermodel Club. Since 1995 he has shot fashion models all over the world including Vogue Magazine, Seventeen, W Magazine , and many more.

Now, we know that the best photos are often the hardest to find, but we do have some techniques that can help you find a great shot even when it’s not on your camera. Howard Schatzberg Photography began its journey by capturing images in many different lighting situations. Schatzberg photographers use multiple types of lenses ranging from ultra wide and wide to telephoto and super telephoto. These combinations can give you a really unique photo which is easy to spot in any lighting.


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