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When you’re in a rush to get something done, check out the image I put together of a human skull. You can watch all the way down to the height of the top of the skull and see the details that make it appear so unlike anything else currently available on the market. If you’re looking for a good example of something in photos but don’t have time to go through YouTube, YouTube may be able to help.

What if we could have a new way to explore the human brain? What if we could get a hi-res image of our brain that would be able to be reproduced on film? We already have optical imaging, X-ray and even PET scanners but what if we could do it with human skulls. Well, there is not much to do but go ahead and try out a few skulls. The result is one that is better than anything else available on the market. You can now see clear-cut images of what your brain looks like.


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