ian plant

ian plant photography is more than just a photographer. It’s more of an artist with a passion for creating beautiful, original photographs. With over 20 years of experience, ian has turned his passion into a business that not only creates images, but customer support and understanding what the customer wants. Whether it’s a photo of my family or simply a marketing ninja in my company, there is no job I’d rather have do than work with Little Nicky Photography.

ian plant photography is a new series of photos that he proposes to show the world through his eyes, the camera on his phone, with a few words, or an idea. He’s looking for the worlds all around us that are so far separated, but are connected by our desire to see them as fully and in all ways possible. The images we choose to share can be anything from landscapes, about extreme storms or nature’s topography, to portraits of celebrities, science and technology. The goal of the photos is not just a summary of a simple scene – it’s also about life itself, what “means” to people everyday and how we share that into the world.


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