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Inside Marketing is a monthly column covering the topics that are often overlooked in the marketing world. The other day, I asked people “Why do you still buy from outside your target market?”. The response was overwhelming. Almost everyone I asked said they bought from outside of their target market. The next most popular answer was “The only reason I still buy from them is because they are cheaper than my local store”.

It’s true that selling on Amazon is a great way to get access to a wider variety of products. But it’s only one small part of the marketing mix. And once you’ve got your small store, you’ve really got nothing left to sell. It’s not your store, it’s your target market.

The other part of the marketing mix is, I’d venture, a lot more subtle. It’s not that Amazon is evil, its just that the people running it aren’t always very good at it.

Amazon is no longer the company that got into all the hype with its concept of “canned” foods. When Amazon introduced the Kindle, its not just about reading books. You could now also read audiobooks, watch movies on a big screen, and stream music to your Kindle. Amazon now has the potential to become an information super highway with everyone on the planet connected to its infrastructure. In fact, it already has, but it hasnt quite connected the Internet yet.

By linking to books, you can help spread the information that you want your readers to read. This is especially true for audiobooks, which are a lot harder to find than books, so any link you can send out is a big help. In addition to bringing new readers to your site, also linking to other sites brings them to your website. People who purchase Amazon books will link to your Amazon page even if they don’t have a Kindle account.

I use Amazon links on pages of my own website, but I also link to Amazon, because people who buy my books will often link to Amazon as well. I also check out other sites like and to see what’s new and popular.

Linking to other sites and reading their books are great ways to get our audience to learn more about your site and to help them buy more from you. This is especially helpful when your niche is not a traditional book store and you have to find someone to sell your books to and have them order from you.

I love ebooks and audiobooks because when they’re done right, they’re way more entertaining than print books. I do want to highlight the site that’s hosting my audiobook library, but I’m also open to other possibilities.

You can also read about our marketing materials, including how to create a marketing plan, the importance of content, and the many ways that your site can be an authority on your niche. Just remember that your marketing efforts need to be consistent over time. If you are not sure what your marketing goals are or if you are not sure how you are going to measure them, you can always check out our free marketing checklist.

We will also be posting a marketing guide for startups and small businesses, including how to write a detailed marketing plan, how to find the right audience for your product or service, and how to create the right content.


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