This international journal of advanced manufacturing technology has been published for 30 years.

It’s published in 10 languages, and is the leading international magazine on advanced manufacturing technology.

What makes this journal’s impact is the depth of research that it covers, the variety of topics covered, and the sheer number of international professionals who use its content. The issues and topics covered by this journal have remained consistent for 30 years and have never changed. I don’t think there’s a journal that’s better for the job of addressing the changing needs of advanced manufacturing professionals.

If you’re not a journal editor, then you really have little choice. This journal is truly international in scope and content. Of course, the journal is also very international in terms of scope and number of submissions. The journal’s readership consists of about 1,100 people, and the editors of this journal have a membership of more than 20,000 people.

The journal is published every three months, and we are proud to announce that our first issue came out in January 2017. Now, we hope that you will continue to send us your valuable comments and suggestions, as we are constantly growing and adding to the journal.

The journal is published by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), which is composed of nearly 1,000 educators around the world.

This journal covers a wide range of topics, from engineering and science to business, and all issues are available for free. We also have a new member-only issue: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing.

The journal covers all manner of cutting-edge engineering and science issues, but we can’t wait until you send us your feedback. We hope that this journal will give you another chance to share your comments and ideas about engineering education.

We’ve been covering various aspects of advanced manufacturing technology for over a decade now, and we still get feedback from our readers every time we post a new issue. We are always happy to hear your comments, and we are always looking for suggestions on how to improve the journal. We hope this article will help us make our goal of reaching 1,000 educators around the world a reality.


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