Anika thinks poor Shivaye, he needs to do as such much for Priyanka’s bliss, he’s bowing earlier than Kamini, and couldn’t bolster Pinky. He supposes it’s starting, you have to see an excellent deal mummy. She pushes him, saying don’t know your id, you can’t be my Shivaye.

SSO says I hurried up the fake marriage in order that we might deliver Dushyant out. Om tells Mrs Kapoor that they tricked her to disclose Dushyant’s location. Tia apologises to Shivaay and says she planned attacks on Anika. She says everybody gave me lots of love however I cheated all of you. Pinky who’s in disbelief tells Tia that she is mendacity and Anika has trapped her.

Piya initially threatens to show this video in public but steadily understands that they are truthful and reliable. She steps again however Dinky shows this video in Dadi’s birthday celebration only to comprehend later that the brothers have earned the trust from their wives honestly. Anika and Shivaay’s wedding occurs fortunately and peacefully.

Shivaay and the others rescue Annika from him and he brings her residence, which angers Pinky. Daksh, Shivaay’s childhood pal turns up at his door and falls for Annika at first sight, which quickly turns into an obsession. Angered after being rejected twice, Daksh lies to Shivaay that Annika agreed to sleep with him for one night time in trade for money, main Shivaay to hate her. Surprised by the video displaying all these incidents, Dadi, Omkara, and Rudra discover Annika at the celebration they’d organized for their grandfather’s birthday.

He says you are overthinking, every little thing is fine. She says is any drawback going to return on Shivaye. He shouts to captain, asking him to open the cuffs. She walks parachute and opens the exit door. Shivaay and the girl crop tops for big tummy jump down the aircraft. Anika shouts Shivaay and wakes up.