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j.brown photography is the world’s leading web design and development company. Most of the internet’s best graphic designers, and those who can code go to jbrownphotography.com. They have a team of highly skilled professionals who know how to customize websites for a wide variety of industries and budgets, including start-up site builder, website designer, marketing agency, SEO specialist, and digital marketing firm. There is no job listed on their site that they do not understand and always love to help individuals with technical questions.

j.brown photography is a Californian based company that specializes in custom photography. Their company is under the direction of Hari Jagadeesh, who was chosen by the Advertising Executive Magazine as one of the 25 Best Creative creatives of 2011. They offer a number of their items in shapr├Ęd plastic and wooden boxes that they decorate with pictures. One item they specialize in is the portfocke – literally meaning, “looking glass.” The Portfocke is used to photograph children but it’s not just a small piece of glass it can be used to alter the look of an image or even add personal touch to a picture.


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