Hi! Welcome to my blog about photography. I am the CEO of BLACKHOLIDAY, and I am looking to share my personal journey of photography with others. I grew up in the military and have a lot of love for guns and hunting down bad guys, but I also love music. It’s not often that you get to listen to a song and start dancing around in your underwear, but you can do that if you’re willing to put in the effort. My favorite type of music is hip-hop or rock because it’s so centered around the sound and its history.

The world of photography is getting bigger and bigger. The possibilities are endless. We have all seen a 3-D image on a Facebook page–but have you noticed that it’s not exactly the same as the actual picture? John Ton Photography wants to change this perception. We all know that the world of photography is changing, so what’s a photographer to do? John Ton Photography is taking a break from all this technology and is looking for some new, original content to share with our followers.

We are happy to announce the new John Ton photography shutterphone! Designed with high-accuracy underwater photography sensors and a unique semi-noisy mode, John Ton’s high-resolution photos are immersive and high definition. The lenses included with this new shutterphone are optimized for low light usage and can view up to 10MP in images. QR codes will be used for instant sharing to social media. John Ton is a well known businessman and I’ve personally used his cameras before and can attest that they offer superior quality photos.

The time has come, we’ve all heard the word “photography” and it’s not even close. Let’s face it, the idea of taking great photographs is such a huge part of our lives that not one person seems to be aware that there are cameras. And I’m sure Dr. T and the rest of his team wouldn’t be coming either if you didn’t give them a shot.

John Ton Photography is an online photo and entertainment platform for creative photographers. They have a database of over 50,000 photographers. They are hoping to help create a more diverse, interest oriented photo-positive community and encourage the growth of a digital camera industry. You can find many different ways to find information about John Ton Photography. By clicking on their link or by looking at their site, you will be taken to their website where you can learn more about John Ton Photography and how they plan to be the best in this industry.


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