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Kat Ma Photography is a space for independent photographers who want to showcase their work, share ideas about what they love and what inspires them. They are looking to be a hub for independent photographers looking to share their pleasure in the world around them. At kat ma photography we want to live out the story, not just the pictures. We hope this blog will encourage and inspire you to follow your passions and make a difference in your life.

kat ma photography is the first groundbreaking product in the world that caters to the needs of fashion photographers. Kat Ma Photography was founded in 1994 by an Australian woman named Kat Ma, who began her passion for photography by taking a black and white photo. After a few years, it changed her journey and she started focusing her style on fashion photography. Nowadays, this lifestyle has spread across the globe and has become one of the most popular features of many clothing brands.

I sat down with photographer Jonathan Katma, who you might remember as the guy on The Simpsons. As a lot of people know, he shoots from a tripod, so we decided to do something about it. He decided to bring his camera to the table and shoot from up close. Well, he was happy with what he was able to get at, so in addition to taking some great photos he took us a bunch of advice. What would you say if everything in your life was operated by kat ma? We sure heard him out.

This is a photography blog about photography. I try to capture images that capture the essence of a place and tell a story about the individuals behind them.


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