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Boofhead derives from buffle-headed ‘having a head like a buffalo’ and bufflehead ‘a fool, blockhead, stupid fellow’ . Bufflehead has disappeared from standard English, however survives in its Australian form boofhead. It was popularised by way of boofhead because the name of a dimwitted comic strip character invented by R.B. Clark and introduced in the Sydney Daily Mail in May 1941. For an earlier discussion of the word see our Word of the Month article from December 2009. To defeat by a very small margin; to win narrowly.

This research assessed, for the primary time, the affect of an […] Read more. In the group of vanadium-free titanium alloys used for applications for long-term implants, the Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy has just lately been proposed. The production of a porous layer of oxide nanotubes with a variety of geometries and lengths on the Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy floor […] Read more. As a typical third-generation semiconductor material, silicon carbide has been more and more used in recent years. However, the outstanding performance of SiC element can only be obtained when it has a high-quality surface and low-damage subsurface.

An Australian, particularly considered one of British descent. The term is the creation of non-British Australian migrants, particularly kids, who needed a time period to counter the insulting phrases directed at them by Australians of British descent. First recorded in 1982, it derives from the children’s television collection Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo ( ). This is a response to someone who is taking you for a idiot, and indicates that you have extra expertise or shrewdness than you might have been given credit for. It is now used elsewhere, however it is recorded earliest in Australia, and its use is mainly Australian.

Also spelt kark, and infrequently taking the shape cark it. The word might be a figurative use of an earlier Australian sense of cark which means ‘the caw of a crow’, which is imitative. An employee liable for sustaining the fences on a station, or a publicly owned vermin-proof fence. This sense of boundary rider is recorded from the 1860s but in newer years, as a end result how to get rid of a fat pussy of adjustments in technology and modes of transport, this occupation has turn into relatively rare. Since the Nineteen Eighties the term has been used of a boundary umpire in Australian Rules Football, a cricketer in a fielding position close to the boundary, and a roving reporter at a sporting sport.