rose, flower, white rose @ Pixabay

Before the ’90s, landscape photographers took pictures of urban wildlife and wildlife scenes. But these days there’s a new breed of landscape photographers at the forefront of bringing back the old-school naturalism that knows no borders and that makes us feel safe wherever we are. Paul Atley isn’t just making exciting new discoveries in the art world with his photography; he also happens to be a biologist and photographer. His photo blog has caught the attention of many of the world’s leading landscape photographers and he is one of them. He gives you advice on photographing different types of plants, animals, and more with humor, clarity, and passion.

Cartoony shots of trees are not a new trend. But now, with the power of 3D printing and a growing market, there is also the possibility of automatically creating fantastically detailed images of your tree house. This perfect set of artificial trees are created in a process called “planted on” or “mixed-ons.” You can drive around the world for hours looking for these incredible shots.


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