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The Lees family has been carefully cultivating their photography business since the early 1990s. They are known for their unique style and their ability to capture what’s most important in the world. When it comes to photography, their style is a bit closer to that of an artist than a photographer, but at its core, you’re looking at the same basic concepts and principles. Every rookie (or someone who’s just trying to make some money) should know that Lees photography is made from scratch using high quality equipment with the same dedication that your average photographer puts into everything else they do.

If you’re looking to prove your love for photography, then my sister in law is the photographer for you. She’s going to be showing off her latest photography and she’s developed an app that will help you do it.. No more lugging around your phone to take pictures of new things when you can do it all on a smartphone. No more having to wait until you leave your house and the parking lot is full before you capture your first snap. You want the picture? Just take it now. This app provides photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S4 using their Google and iOS cameras.


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